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ProResin is a 3-part ISO9001 quality accredited resin system.

The crystal clear, non-yellowing (Aliphatic) ProResin is designed by SureSet and can be fully controlled during the curing time.

When mixed with dried aggregates using our supplied recommendations and instructions, a fully permeable Resin Bound Paving solution is created which is:

  • smooth
  • durable
  • UV stable
  • permeable
  • no loose stone
  • SuDS compliant
  • available globally

Product Overview:

Each ProResin Kit contains 2 resin components, catalyst and full guidance on preparation and installation.  To use the product, simply mix the 2 ProResin components together fully and add the catalyst (following the guidance in our instructions).

Add the ProResin to the chosen aggregate and ensure each particle is fully coated before transferring to the laying area.  Lute to the required depth and then hand float to compact and finish.

Ensure your area is fully protected until fully cured and suitable for use.


ProBatch Packs are also available using ProResin with a selection of aggregate blends.  Packs contain enough material (ProResin and stone) to install one batch (approximately 3m² at an 18mm depth).  These are ideal if you wish to order everything in one instance for ease.

Aggregate to go with your ProResin can also be purchased from SureSet directly (if you would like different blends to the ProBatch selection) or from our recommended aggregate supplier.


Discounts will applied when purchasing aggregates through our recommended suppliers to use with your SureSet ProResin.

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